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Helpful innovations

For Freudenberg there is more to taking on responsibility than social engagement and fundraising initiatives. In 2010, the Freudenberg Group decided to further intensify its activities in the medical technology sector. As a result, the Group is investing in innovations that are directly beneficial to people. Innovations such as biodegradable wound dressings or micro components for implants and medical devices make life easier for patients and physicians – all over the world. Anchoring responsibility in daily business also means creating the right structures. Freudenberg Medical, one of the youngest Business Groups, is a good example of that.

According to UN estimates, approximately 37 Million people worldwide have the AIDS virus HIV in their blood. The majority of them live in rural areas of Africa and Asia, cut off from medical care. Nevertheless, prompt diagnosis is important to treat those affected and to effectively contain the further spread of the virus. An inexpensive, portable mini-lab is making it possible to carry out rapid health checks on the ground. Freudenberg Medical has specially developed components for this mobile lab.

We set our own standards for the inner and outer diameters of the tubes, which go beyond what is usual in the market.

Dr. Dieter Pfeifle
responsible for in-vitrodiagnostic applications at Freudenberg Medical Europe

With the help of a so-called “lab on a chip,” medically trained personnel can go from village to village in affected areas performing rapid tests. They do this by taking a blood sample from the fingertip and feeding it into the unit for analysis. The patient’s blood bows through a hose specially developed by Freudenberg Medical. “As with all our products, we manufacture this hose from a special silicone.

This material meets medical standards and has extensive approvals for use in Patient care,” explained Dr. Dieter Pfeifle, responsible for in-vitrodiagnostic applications at Freudenberg Medical Europe. “We set our own standards for the inner and outer diameters of the tubes, which go beyond what is usual in the market.”

Accurate and fast

In this specific case, an exact hose length is needed: the chip needs a certain amount of blood, which is drawn by vacuum pressure. Length and diameter of the hose assure that the test results are not distorted by too much or too little blood. To ensure optimal product Quality, Freudenberg Medical has developed an automated cutting and inspection process.

The rapid-test analysis indicates not only whether the AIDS virus is present in the blood, but also provides information on how far the immunodeficiency has progressed. So even with limited resources, aid organizations can decide whether immediate Treatment is necessary. Around 8 million units of the mini-lab are produced annually. “We are proud to be making a small contribution to the fight against HIV with our products,” Pfeibe commented.

Freudenberg Group

Together with our customers and with our research partners, we develop leading-edge technologies, products, solutions and services. The innovative strength of Freudenberg has many facets. Having pioneered innovation throughout our history – from chrome tanning and the development of the Simmerring to sophisticated and high-tech medical devices – our company is an innovation champion.

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