INNOVATING TOGETHER The stories that make us Freudenberg


Diverse Teams fuel our innovations. People of different ages and genders from different cultures and backgrounds are more successful when they work together. The best solutions and innovations emerge when employees bring their different experiences, knowledge and skills to their shared tasks. In this way, new ideas, imaginative solutions and innovative products come to life. Our more than 40,000 employees share a common basis: Entrepreneurship in thought and action. This fundamental attitude unites us worldwide. We combine global presence with local expertise and develop advanced products and leadingedge solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.


Did you know?

Corporations whose boards of management are of mixed gender and ethnic origin are more successful in the market. A study conducted by the management consultant McKinsey, for example, analyzed 180 companies worldwide. The operating profit of the firms with the most diverse boards was 14 percent higher than that achieved by the businesses with the lowest level of diversity.

Freudenberg IT

Freudenberg IT (FIT) is a global leader in Managed IT Services steeped in SAP expertise.

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