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Strong company values are the basis of all our business activities. We live responsibly in everything we do – in the way we interact with our employees, our customers, business partners, neighbors and the environment. These values have been embedded in Freudenberg’s culture for more than 165 years and continue to lead our daily activities. The Freudenberg Business Principles and Guiding Principles bring employees together as one Freudenberg family in 60 countries, creating reliability for our business partners worldwide. The Freudenberg Group remains in family ownership. Our financial independence allows us to take a long-term view. We are proactive, operate with commercial foresight and always act based on a strong values structure.


Price and value

They are a guideline for choosing a company – particularly if they are communicated and brought to life by managers. For the younger generations – Y and Z – work-life balance, for instance, is becoming increasingly important. They want employers to listen to their needs and understandably attach importance to flexible, modern working conditions. At the same time they prioritize a corporate and leadership culture where they can take a proactive role and where they can assume responsibility –in the context of reliable and binding rules and values. In the battle for talent, companies must differentiate among at least three generations and harness the benefits of this diversity.

Corporate Citizenship

We see corporate citizenship as an integral part of our responsibility for society. Many Freudenberg Group companies, sites and associates engage in local projects and initiatives, providing concrete aid in the spirit of responsible corporate citizenship. Learn more and visit

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