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Fit and twice as healthy

Dare somebody says office workers live unhealthy! Not at Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (FHCS). Our colleagues in England found a clever way to combine healthy food and exercise with its every day working environment. Their success: The amount of sick days bisected. Furthermore their project “We are what we eat!” won the 2014 award of the Freudenberg initiative concerning health and responsibility.

It’s the little things that make life better – healthy snacks, a little more exercise and just living with a bit more awareness. Our colleagues from FHCS in the English town of Rochdale realized that. They implemented methods with a long-term effect and started their project “We are what we eat”.

Nutrition experts explain the basics of healthy meals to the FHCS-team. The employees keep track on their own eating habits. Together they develop an individual diet. Additionally once a month a healthy breakfast is served. They also have everyday access to healthy snacks, such as fruits and nuts, instead of sweets.

4,000 kilometers in motion

Free health checks, Pilates and a long-term fitness plan keeps the office employees fit: Together they cycled 3,000 kilometers, ran 550 K and virtually swam through the English Channel twice within only three months. What a great effort! “I could’ve never imagined something like that! It’s much easier with a team and it’s so much fun”, says Lauren Matthews, Marketing Assistant at FHCS and member of the project team.

More than one fourth of the FHCS employees participate in the project. They lost plenty of pounds due to a healthier diet and more exercise. “The best thing: The project is highly effective on the long run”, says Niels Langer, Head of Project of “We are what we eat!” and Country Manager UK & ROI. “The sick days bisected compared to last year. That motivates us to carry on.”

Facts about “We are what we eat”
  • 75 % of the FHCS employees in Rochdale were involved in the project in 2014.
  • The participants lost about 45 kilos in total.
  • In 2014 the amount of sick days bisected in average compaired to the previous year.
  • The employees cycled 3,000 kilometers, ran 550 k and swam 70 k.

An enterprise takes initiative

This exemplary project in England is part of the Freudenberg campaign “We all take care”. Since 2002 the enterprise supports their employees’ health and safety, considers the environment and takes social responsibility. Each employee can submit own suggestions for improvements and thus be a part of the important matter “responsibility”.

Each year Freudenberg rewards special engagement and extraordinary achievements with the “We all take care” award. Dr. Tilman Krauch, jury member and responsible for the campaign’s subjects environment, health and safety appreciates the idea of “We are what we eat”: “This project has referent power! I hope it inspires other Freudenberg employees to take the initiative for implementing such arrangements in their own working environment. They simply should try out new things.”

Freudenberg Group

Together with our customers and with our research partners, we develop leading-edge technologies, products, solutions and services. The innovative strength of Freudenberg has many facets. Having pioneered innovation throughout our history – from chrome tanning and the development of the Simmerring to sophisticated and high-tech medical devices – our company is an innovation champion.

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